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Plan a perfect birthday party for kids in Qatar

Birthday parties! Kids love this, especially if the ambiance and activities are age appropriate. Careful planning and the right venue can set you up for a day (evening) of fun. Just make sure you ask the right questions, send out invitations on time and plan enough fun activities. Or even easier, just book a birthday party package with QatarVenues, sit back and relax! Plan a perfectbirthday party for kids in Qatar

Choose the venue

Before you finalise the theme, food or game activities, make sure you have sorted out the venue. QatarVenues can fetch you the perfect venue based on your requirement – capacity, catering options, location and theme.

Choose a theme 

Once the venue is finalised, decide whether you want to host a themed party or not. Take it our word – kids love theme parties! From fancy dress to circus soiree, you can choose from a wide range of themes. Pinterest will get you some good birthday party theme ideas. If you don’t have the time to Google it up, just leave it in the hands of the party experts at QatarVenues. From theme selection to party props, we can get this sorted for you.

Send out invitations

If you have a themed birthday, it is recommended that you let your little friends (and their parents) know about it well in advance. This gives them enough time to get the costume ready. Here is an expert tip – always add RSVP to your invitations. This will give you an idea of the exact (almost) guest count. By the way, if the party is going to be themed, make sure that those invitation cards reflect the theme.


What is a birthday party without fun games and activities! Plan enough activities to keep the little ones happy and excited throughout the party. Expert tip: plan the activities according to the venue – a treasure hunt is a good idea when the event is indoors, but for outdoor parties it is better to focus on group activities.

Return Gifts

Return gifts are gradually becoming a party tradition. If you plan well in advance, you may be able to get return gifts at affordable prices. Avoid last minute shopping. The best places to shop return gifts at affordable prices in Qatar are Al Rawnaq, Daiso and the outlets in Souq Waqif. You can also get in touch with home-based businesses to get your return gifts, or just let us know; we can arrange this for you.


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