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Elevate your venue's visibility to a vast audience of event enthusiasts in Qatar with the region's top-notch booking platform.

Why list your venue on Qatar Venues ?

Explore new horizons for your venue with Qatar Venues. As the go-to platform for event organizers in Qatar, we consistently draw thousands of monthly visitors actively searching for exceptional venues. Since our inception, we’ve seamlessly processed inquiries, connecting esteemed clients with outstanding venues. By partnering with Qatar Venues, your venue gains exposure to a curated audience, ensuring it stands out among the industry’s best.

Our platform not only promotes your space but also offers a streamlined experience for managing inquiries and showcasing unique features. Elevate your venue’s profile with the added option for a minimum guarantee of events per year, enhancing its appeal and versatility. Trust Qatar Venues to amplify your venue’s presence, foster valuable connections, and elevate your standing in Qatar’s thriving events landscape. 

Reach new customers

As the exclusive venue-finding platform in Qatar, our service ensures exposure to the most extensive audience in the market, enhancing your venue’s visibility and unlocking its full event potential.


Our platform connects you with discerning event planners actively searching for venues, ensuring that every lead is a potential match for your space. 


Our dedicated support team is here to assist you in seamlessly coordinating with customers, ensuring your bookings are as smooth as your exceptional events. 

Stand out from the crowd

Increase the visibility of each of your spaces with dedicated pages.Choose your listing package and easily tailor your profile with photos, pricing, preferred event types, and much more 

How to Get Started with Qatar Venues

Starting your journey is a breeze !
just follow these simple steps to showcase your venue to our audience

Starting your journey is a breeze !
just follow these simple steps to showcase your venue to our audience

1.Select Your Plan:

Sign up for either our Essential or Premium plan , choosing the option that aligns with your preferences and needs. Explore the plans below to find the best fit for you.

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2.Complete our Onboarding Form:

Fill out our onboarding form to begin listing your spaces. Providing comprehensive details about your venue ensures that you receive relevant enquiries – the more information you provide, the more enquiries you can expect.

3.Approve Your Profile:

We’ll set up your profile, and all you need to do is give it the green light. Once live, your venue will be visible in relevant searches right away.

4.Enjoy Quality Enquiries:

Respond to enquiries directly from your email inbox and effortlessly engage with clients. The faster your response, the higher the chance of securing a booking.


Embark on your Qatar Venues journey and elevate your venue's visibility today!

Put your venue on the map
with Qatar Venues

Reach more event bookers in Qatar. Promote your venue with the top platform in the country.

Frequently asked questions

Unlock the power of personalized marketing with our Premium Plan, managed by dedicated account experts. Our bespoke plans are crafted to tailor marketing strategies uniquely for you. 

Listing your venues on Qatar Venues brings a host of benefits. Your spaces get noticed by a diverse audience of event organizers in Qatar, boosting their visibility. Our platform’s targeted marketing ensures your venues reach the right people.

Absolutely! The Essential and Premium plans both offer dedicated support for profile creation, guiding users through seamless optimization, including expert tips on photography and highlighting key venue features.

At Qatar Venues, we offer two distinct listing plans:

  1. Essential Plan
  2. Premium Plan.

The Essential Plan provides fundamental features for effective venue showcasing, while the Premium Plan comes with additional premium features to maximize visibility and captivate potential clients. Choose the plan that best suits your venue’s needs and enhances its presence on Qatar Venues.

Connect with us today! Book a call or send a message through our form. Let’s have a conversation with one of our Venue Success Team members to discuss the best options for your venue.


Our plan is set to automatically renew at the end of the year. Should you wish to cancel, please provide a 15-day notice before the renewal date. To initiate the cancellation process, kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected].

As part of the Premium plan benefits, our team will take care of shooting and creating the 360 views for all venues within your property. Elevate the visual appeal of your spaces and make the most of this exclusive feature with our Premium plan.

To enhance your venue listings with immersive 360 views, simply subscribe to the Premium plan on Qatar Venues.

Basic Plan

Pricing plan image

  • One listing submission
  • Any listing type
  • Basic profile on

Essential Plan

Pricing plan image

  • 12 Venue listing submissions/Single Property
  • Any listing type
  • Single Property
  • Featured listing
  • Dedicated page of each listing
  • Direct customer enquiries
  • Enhanced profile support & optimisation
  • Enhanced search visibility
  • 24/7 Tech support

Premium Plan

Pricing plan image

  • 20 Venue listing submissions/Single Property
  • Any listing type
  • Single Property
  • Featured listing
  • Dedicated page of each listing
  • 360 Virtual Tour 1 View For Each Listing
  • Priority corporate suggestions from enquiries
  • Direct customer enquiries
  • Enhanced profile support & optimisation
  • Featured on popular category pages
  • Enhanced search visibility
  • Strategic reporting & analytics
  • 24/7 Tech support


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